• Excavation as per soil condition and Foundation with Size Stone Masonry of maximum 5 Course and Plinth with 1:3:6 concrete and Steel Reinforcement as per standard requirement.
  • All the load bearing/Partition walls are with Wienerberger POROTHERM Bricks
  • The structure is provided with running lintels with 1:3:6 concrete and steel reinforcement as per the standard design.
  • Roofing is considered with average 6” thick RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) with 1:2:4 Proportions with necessary Steel reinforcement.
  • Construction of Compound wall includes foundation of 2 courses of SSM and with Partition wall as per standard design up to a maximum of 4’ Height.
  • Good Quality 43 Grade OPC Cement Used for all the construction works
  • All the external walls are plastered with CM 1:6, all the internal walls are plastered with CM 1:4 with lime rendering & all the ceilings are plastered with CM 1:3 with lime rendering.


  • Main Door and Pooja Room Door Frames with 2 nd Teak Wood sections, the MD is of 3”X 6” Sections & PD is of 5”X 3” Sections.
  • Sal/Red Meranti/ Equivalent Wood with 4”X 3” Sections for Window frames, 2.5”X 5” for Door frames (Bed room Door frames) Bath room Door frames are with 3”X 4” Sections. All the window frames are provided with 10mm MS square bar Grills 5”C/C Horizontally.
  • The window shutters are with 3”X1.25” & 2”X1.25” Sal/Red Meranti/Equivalent wooden sections.
  • All the Door Shutters except MD & PD are with Veneer/Laminated 30mm thick Flush shutter of Standard design. The Main Door and Pooja Door Shutters are with Solid 2 nd Teak wood sections of 1.25” thick as per standard design.


  • Flooring and Skirting for Living, Bed Rooms, Pooja, Kitchen and Dining with 800X800mm Vitrified Tiles. The height of the skirting is 4”.( Basic Cost of Vitrified tiles is Rs.50/Sft)
  • All the bath room Daddooing is with 24”X12”/18”X12” glazed/matt finish ceramic/vitrified tiles with standard design up to 7’ height and the bath room flooring is with 12”X12”/16”X16” anti skid ceramic/vitrified tiles of standard design. ( Basic cost of Glazed tiles is Rs.35/Sft)
  • The kitchen wall cladding is with 24”X12”/18”X12” ceramic /vitrified tiles of standard design up to 2’ height from the kitchen platform. ( Basic cost of Glazed tiles is Rs.35/Sft)
  • Flooring for Car Porch/Balcony area is with anti skid ceramic/vitrified tiles of size 12”X12”/16”X16” of standard design. ( Basic cost of tiles is Rs.35/Sft)
  • Elevation cladding (wherever required) is with Ceramic tiles/ Cement Board/Scratch paint etc., as per the matching elevation elements. (Basic cost of tiles – Rs.35/Sft)
  • The open to sky areas/Terrace is finished with clay tiles of standard size.
  • All round the building (Apron) is finished with rough cement mortar finish.
  • The staircase is provided with 20mm thick Granite flooring of standard color and design, the skirting for each step is 4” height with same material. ( Basic cost of Granite is Rs.125/Sft) & the staircase railing is provided with Balusters of 3X3 & top rail with 4X2 sections of Acacia wood with SS rectangular sections for intermediate rails.


  • The kitchen Cabinet is fabricated with ply wood & finished with standard design/colour laminate and provided with 5 baskets (Carousel - 1No, Thali - 1No, Bottle Pullout - 1No, Cutlery -1No & Plain basket -1No) and laid with Granite top of 20mm thick standard design & colour. ( Basic cost - 1200/Sft)
  • The kitchen sink is of Carysil/Futura brand with Quartz finish of Size 22”X18”X8”. The gas line is provided with Multi layer composite pipes with brass end fittings.


  • All the external walls are provided with one coat of Primer & two coats of Weather coat exterior plastic emulsion.
  • All the internal walls and Ceilings are finished with one coat of primer, 2 coats of acrylic putty & 2 coats of Acrylic emulsion of standard color.
  • All the MS items like Window grill, Railings etc., are provided with one coat of metal primer and 2 coats of Synthetic enamel painting.
  • Main Door and Pooja Doors are provided with Spray melamine polish.
  • All the Window shutters are provided with melamine spay inside and PU spray on exposed surfaces.
  • Berger or equivalent brand of painting materials.


  • All the internal wires & Switches are of Great white or equivalent brand
  • All the bed rooms are provided with 2 concealed light points, 1 Fan point, 1 wall mount light point and 2 -5A sockets. The concealed Light Points & fan points are provided with 2- way switches. AC points are considered for only 2 bed rooms.
  • Ground floor hall is provided with 2 - concealed light points & 1- wall mount light points, 1- TV point, 1- Telephone point & 3-5A points.
  • First floor hall is provided with 2 - concealed light points & 2- wall mount light points, 1- TV point, 3-5A points.
  • All the Bath rooms are provided with 2 - wall mount light points, 1-5A point on wash basin and 1-15A for Geyser.
  • Pooja room is provided with 1- wall mount light point & 1-5A point.
  • Kitchen is provided with 1 - wall mount light point, 1- concealed light point, 1-15A point for Refrigerator, 1-5A for Water purifier, 1-15A, 1-5A for Chimney & 1-5A on the kitchen platform for Mixer/Grinder/Oven etc.,
  • Dining area is provided with 1-Fan point, 1-wall mount light point, 1-5A point & 2- concealed light points.
  • Staircase areas are provided with 2 -way lighting points
  • Balcony and Car porch areas are provided with 2- concealed light points & 1- wall mount light points.
  • Sit out/Open to sky areas are provided with 1-wall mount light point.
  • All the set back areas are provided with bulk head light points, 1-15A point is considered for washing machine in the utility area.
  • 1-UPS point, 1-Sump motor point, 1-Washing machine point are considered.


  • Wash Basin taps, Shower mixers, Kitchen sink taps are of Grohe or equivalent make & all the other Taps are as per standard selection.
  • All the EWC’s are of wall mounted type with concealed flush tanks & over the counter wash basins with bottle trap are considered for the bath rooms, EWC & Wash basins are of Bell/Cera/Hindware or equivalent brand.
  • All the CPVC pipes & fixtures are of Prince or equivalent make with ISI.
  • All the bath rooms are considered with one EWC, one Wash Basin & one Shower mixer with head shower. Shower mixer is considered with Hot & cold water delivery & the wash basins are provided with cold water delivery
  • All the bath room hot water lines are directed through Geyser line
  • Kitchen area is considered with Delivery from Direct line (Corporation/Layout waterline) & Over head tank line.
  • One Delivery from Over head tank line for Water purifier.
  • Car porch area is provided with a delivery from Sump Motor head for automobile wash.
  • In the utility area one delivery point is considered from overhead tank for Washing machine.
  • One delivery from over head tank is considered in the terrace area.
  • The Sump is constructed with table mould/sold block with a capacity of 3500 to 4000 ltrs. One PVC over head tank of 1000 ltrs is considered.


FF South Facing - 2BHK

FF South Facing - 3BHK

FF North Facing - 3BHK

FF South Facing - 3BHK

North Facing 30X40 - 3BHK

North Facing 30X40 - 2BHK

South Facing 30X40 - 2BHK

South Facing 30X40 - 3BHK

GF South Facing - 2BHK

GF South Facing - 3BHK

GF North Facing - 3BHK

GF South Facing - 3BHK